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Get through the Ramadaan the healthy way

Posted on 10 June 2016

Many people find themselves blessed that the holy month Ramadaan is finally here. Ramadaan is the month of peace, rest and the time to refuge to Allah (God). Muslims are required to fast this month from sunrise until sunset and stay away from sins as much as they can in order to conceive repentance, forgiveness and stay righteous. This by increasing prayers, charity work and being (extra) good to one another. Also the month of (family) gatherings by breaking the fast with each other. Sometimes by eating the most delicious snacks. Especially in the Arab/Desi culture we just love to eat different (mainly greasy) snacks. Read samosa’s, briouat, briks and spring rolls. Iftar (breaking the fast) starts by eating a date and milk, than we follow it by having soup and side dishes. For every family member there is something nice among the gracious filled table.


Even though the purpose of iftar should be light and healthy. This isn’t always an easy thing to do. Especially when you’re invited to your aunty who only can say Eat eat my dear. Therefore, I’ve put some tips that can be very helpful to stay healthy, hydrated and energized during the day.

Sharing is caring

This month isn’t about eating or not eating, it is about sharing and caring for one another. Bring some sweets to your neighbors or make some extra soup for the lonely neighbor. She or he will love you for it and it makes you feel fulfilled as well, mentally..!

Yasss, water!!

Starting your iftar with at least 2 glasses of water. This may seem a lot but it is so important to hydrate first, and to prevent you from eating too much (sweets) in a very short time span. You can flavor the water by adding mint and slices of citron.  Also, don’t forget to drink glasses of water during the rest of the evening/night.

Hungry for goodness

Since your belly was quite empty during the day and in need of nutrients, it is important to get as many nutrients as possible. Such as vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. Choose for vegetables such as paprika and spinach. Paprika is full of vitamin C and spinach with iron. Grill some various vegetables and dress it with herbs and olive or coconut oil. It’s okay to have pastries but as little as possible. Fill it with lots of vegetables and it will compensate a little bit.

Aunty Eateatmydear

I know it gets tough when you're visiting your family while you’re finally trying to stay on the healthy path. Just take a snack and eat it in portions so it will look like you’re very much eating. Bring along a healty salad. Fill it with seeds, nuts, various vegetables or even a fruit salad. Not only does it look gracious on the table, it is a form of politeness and secretly a dish for yourself so you won’t fall into all the indulgent treats. I did it and it works!

Take two.. Action

Divide your iftar in two. Choose for the lightest dishes for iftar. Let your belly rest and drink some green tea. This way you’ll be able to let your metabolism work over the evening.While later on you can go for part two. Not too much in case you’re planning to sleep right away..

Juicy smoothy

Okay, we got your veggies all planned out. You need some natural sugars and other vitamins as well. Instead of a glass milk or milkshake that will help you get bloated, make a smoothie out of 3 or 4 fruits. At least one sort of fruit should be banana or avocado to get the creaminess. Thinnen it with water or coconut milk. If you’re blessed with a slowjuicer, please do make use of it this month. You need the juice out of citrus/ginger/apple/carrots to help your stomach get rid of all the waste, refresh yourself and helps you hydrated.

Enjoy your ramadaan.


Much love, 




This blog has been written by Samia. A graduating Arabic language and intercultural communication student. Loves modest fashion and philosophy. ‘Be the change you’d like to see in the world and you’ll be satisfied’.

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