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5 Life lessons from Oprah Winfrey

Posted on 18 May 2016

Even though Oprah stopped her talk show in 2011, she never totally disappeared from the big screen nor our hearts. Oprah, originally named Orpah, started her own talk show in 1986. No one thought she was going to make it in this industry, this TV-star didn't leave any subject unspoken, her subjects went from psychosocial to society issues. She is outspoken, active, curious, open-minded and refreshing!

Not only successful in her own talk show, Oprah used her talent also in acting, among other movies she co-starred as a distraught housewife in the nostalgic The Color Purple. If you still haven’t seen it, you really should. It takes you back on how drama looked like in the 90s..

Respond with excellence

Not everyone was delighted to see having her own show, after all it wasn’t usual to have a black female host in the old days. TIME magazine even wrote about her: “ In a field dominated by white males, she is a black female of ample bulk”. Can you imagine how she must felt reading this racial comment? But she didn’t back down, rather she responded with excellence in her work. She believed she could make the change against all the prejudice, especially in that time, she was determined to be a role model for all black women. Lesson? Let the haters show what you made off.

You're in charge, own it!

Did you know that Oprah founded Harpo Production? Being the CEO and have fully control on the content of her show. Countless of offers were made during her career to endorse other company’s products that she refused. Finally, she created OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network), her very own television product network. Here she made other dreams come true as well. Did you know that even Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz thank their success to Oprah? Yes, she saw talents in others that she wanted to support. What a great women, own your success to eventually provide success for others.

Weight problems

For many years Oprah struggles with her weight. In 1988 she revealed her weight loss, literally.. On a wagon she carried 67-pounds of fat. Celebrating her new body. It didn’t took long before she gained the weight back on. 4 years later, she hired a personal trainer and started to commit her life to a better health. She lost some weight again, and back on and back on.. Due to emotional and medical problems she never managed to maintain her weight loss. She felt like she’d failed:  "With all the other things that I know how to do and all the other things that I'm so great at and all the other accomplishments, I can't believe I'm still talking about weight”. For your information, Oprah. We don’t hold anything against you. We think you still look amazing and just because you’re successful doesn’t mean you need to fit size 0. In fact, you’re showing the realness and the variety of women's body sizes. Although she didn’t gain a slimming body, she maintained a healthy lifestyle. Way to go!


Over 25 years her talk show was a great success. She helped many women to pick their life again after being mentally and physically abused, because she herself went through it. However, she got out of it stronger than ever. “Every single event in life happens in an opportunity to choose love over fear.”

Helping others

Not only did she helped other talent by giving them platform, this superstar has also her own foundation that it called Oprah’s Angel. With this foundation she help (re)building many lives. One of her many projects are schools all over the world, providing children education that wasn’t normally achievable in those rural areas. Also, after the hurricanes in the USA she helped building 300 homes across the country. Being helpful towards others doesn’t only takes money, it takes a big heart to think about others. When your wealth starts increasing, that’s when your generosity should grow along.

May we all learn from this iconic queen and excellent in our and other’s lives!

Much love and strength,


This blog has been written by Samia. A graduating Arabic language and intercultural communication student. Loves modest fashion and philosophy. ‘Be the change you’d like to see in the world and you’ll be satisfied’.

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