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5 reasons why you need a scarf!

Posted on 29 April 2016


I just love scarves, I have them in every color and fabric. Each scarf for another outfit or for a twist on one. If you aren’t convinced of their awesomeness, we are giving you 5 reasons for why you should change your mind!


  1. They’re functional! Yes, they totally are. You can wear it around your head or neck. It is warm, elegant and you can conceal whatever you want to conceal. If you need something warm around you, you can wear this also around your shoulders over your outfit. Additional bonus: you will also look classy!
  2. It’s fashionable! You can wear scarves in so many ways, it became a fashion statement. Turban style àla Dina Tokio or hear band style à la Rihanna, Jessica Parker or Eva Mendes. Yes, they all wore a scarf on their head and many other beautiful celebrities did. And they all looked marvelous!
  3. Waistline accessories. Do you have some oversized dresses and you want a play on your style? Wear it as a belt. You can twist the scarf and wear it around your waist for a more prominent waist ;)
  4. Do you need something to hide? Did you spill something on your top or do you have a bad hair day? This probably sounds very familiar and you hoped you had something to conceal it with right away. Consider to put one scarf in your bag! A sealed back-up plan if you ask me.
  5. The 60s is so 2016! Can you remember that old movies where women ride in open Cadillacs with huge sunglass, red lips and a silky scarf on their head and knotted around their neck. Always a cute hubby next the woman with to die for hair. Yes, that is just picture perfect. It is so old school, yet so new school! You need a scarf for that too!

Our conclusion? A scarf is a definitely must-have this summer! With five soft and dark colors of our Nesci collection to choose from you definitely will look elegant and modest.

Here our Maissa is wearing the Larsen B scarf. 100% pure silk, handmade and the color is so bright it reminds us of icebergs!


Don’t forget to check out our scarf collection in viscose and silk, from soft colors to darker ones.

With love,



This blog has been written by Samia. A graduating Arabic language and intercultural communication student. Loves modest fashion and philosophy. ‘Be the change you’d like to see in the world and you’ll be satisfied’.

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