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What we learned from Larsen B

Posted on 15 April 2016

Larsen B was an ice shelf located in the Antarctic Peninsula, which had an approximate size of 120 by 150 km. In 2002, Larsen completely evaporated in a time span of 72 days. Can you imagine that? That is almost half the size of the Netherlands.

Global warming has been and is becoming more and more a real issue.

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When I read the story about Larsen B I thought hard about what to write, which message should I give to the world? I know global warming is a serious issue, so I asked one of the Nesci’s girls what should I say in my blog about Larsen B. Then she had an overwhelming question that changed my whole attitude. She asked me: ‘’Do you even recycle?’’ I directly felt a shamed and she noticed that immediately. Her response to that was a cold how dare you face. I stood up for myself, at least i tried, by saying: ‘’Well you know… I never spit gum on the ground…’’ She didn’t even say anything. She lifted her eyebrow and gave me the you-should-be-ashmed-of-yourself-look. At that moment I knew what my next blog would be about: Stop feeling guilty and get recycling.

Recycling can be done everywhere, here are 4 tips:


1.Find ways of recycling different materials.

Many materials can be recycled, such as paper, plastic, metal and glass. When we buy a jar of strawberry jam, we can enjoy it for several weeks. After we are done with this jar of delicous sweetness, We can re-use the jar by storing seasoning in it. Doing good for the environment and giving our kitchens a boost while we’re at it. Yas.

2. Buy eco-friendly products.

I swear I looked it up for you; eco-friendly Chocolate exists! Here are few examples: Green & Black's, Newman's Own and Divine.

3. Plant a tree.

Admit it, we’ve all had our eyes on that cute denim overall and fashionable rainboots. (ps. Perect to combine with the Nesci 100% silk ice blue scarf.

4. Recycling facilities

There are different projects and organisations who are determinded with recycling. You can help these eco heroes by donating them or you can give a helping hand. Either way we can play an important role in recycling.

Nesci stand for modesty. The modest woman is a confident woman. She is aware of the choices she makes in life. She is aware of her beauty, but also of human relations and the environment.

Wear your ice blue Larsen B scarf and be aware of your footprint. Every bit counts.

Larsen B global warming iceshelft blog nesci modest woman modest fashion recycle recycling 100% silk ice blue
Ice turns Ice Blue when the crystals enlarge. Wear me on the days you need more sparkle.
This blog has been written by Maissa, a 20 years old commercial economics student and a committed lover of modest fashion. If she could describe herself in one quote: “Sometimes i pretend to be normal. But it gets boring. So i go back to being me.”

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