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What we learned from the city Asfi

Posted on 21 March 2016

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Asfi, a city that used to have the safest and biggest ports of Morocco, was well known for its hospitality and the many ambassadors. This legacy of warm hospitality is experienced also today in most stores and restaurants, where warm traditional Moroccan mint tea is offered to customers as a welcome. It’s about the small things in life.

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Wear me on days you feel like radiating hospitality with the warm color mint, and lets open our minds and hearts together!

Nesci is a big supporter of modesty. Modesty is not only someting in appereance, but also in behaviour. Modesty is kindness, warmth and respect to others. A Nesci woman is a strong modest woman who can open up her mind and can open up her heart.

The right hospitality can’t be learned it’s not a simple attitude it’s more than that. It’s about opening up by opening your mind, opening your heart and sharing your kindness by opening your house.

opening your mind

We often believe our negative thoughts or judgments about other people and we don’t realize these silly ideas stop us from being hospitable. We all have something in common and when we open our minds, we start seeing that. Changing your mind will bring a positive change in your life as well. When you open your mind, your heart starts to open.

opening your heart

The embracing of other thoughts, cultures, people, habits, extends your horizon. This enriches you and your environment! If you open up your heart, you’ll feel more warmth, you’ll feel more positive and very important your thoughts will be more cheerful and friendly.

With an open heart, it will be easier for you to open up your house and welcome other people no matter where they come from.

sharing your kindness

By opening your house: By receiving other people in your house you don’t only share your kindness and your jokes, but also your tasty new pastry served with a warm glass of mint tea. Of course wearing our mint scarf!


So be more positive, make yourself some fresh mint tea, enjoy your open heart and relaaaax. (maybe with your new interesting friends you made)




This blog has been written by Maissa, a 20 years old commercial economics student and a committed lover of modest fashion. If she could describe herself in one quote: “Sometimes i pretend to be normal. But it gets boring. So i go back to being me.”


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