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5 reasons why you should own a black coat

Posted on 02 December 2015

True fashion comes out in the coldest of temperatures. A sleek black coat is a true necessity, if you ask us. It made it’s way from a trend to an essential piece that every woman should have in her wardrobe. Forget about ‘must haves’. It’s a 'need to have’. So without any further ado, here are five worthwhile reasons to invest in a black coat (such as Nesci’s Neve coat) this winter:

Coat Black Modest Nesci

1. Instant chic

You know what requires effort in the morning? Picking out an outfit that matches. You know what requires little to no effort in the morning? Throwing on a black coat. A black coat equally works with a dressy outfit and a sporty one. Pair it with skinny jeans and heels on Saturday night, and a sweater and skirt to the office on Monday. There is no chicer choice, and no color that will give you that instant chicness, as a black coat does.

2. Works with (almost) everything

A black coat is like Nutella. It goes with everything. And trust us, there are only a few potential items in a woman’s closet that could literally work with everything. If you skip the dark blue, black works with every item. Regardless of prints and graphics. Want to go wild with accessories? You do you. A black coat even works with stains. From your Nutella, for example. It camouflages them perfectly.

3. Any occasion

You can wear a black coat to any occasion without any exceptions. Smart enough for the office, casual enough to wear out on a weekend shopping adventure and chic enough to wear to an evening dinner party on a cool night. Wear it full length and belted up for protection from the weather, or draped over your shoulders to show off your fabulous outfit underneath.

4. It’s slimming

There really is nothing as slimming and flattering as black. As an added perk, Nesci’s Neve coat is slimming on the waist. Who wouldn't want that? The perfect way to hide those extra pounds. We say, wrap it up.

5. Timeless

You know those people who look back at their life, thinking “Why exactly was I wearing that?”. When it comes to black, you’re never going to have regrets. We can guarantee that.



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