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6 Fall Essentials

Posted on 02 September 2015

At Nesci we love the Fall season because it’s all about getting cozy with timeless pieces like coats, sweaters and boots. With the sale racks still filled with summery items we decided to help you make a smooth style transition to Fall fashion. We put together a list of 6 Fall wardrobe staples you definitely should add to your closet!  


Without further ado, here are the 6 essentials we all need..  

A Comfy Cardigan

Our first essential would definitely have to be a long comfy cardigan in as many colors as possible. It’s perfect for the warmer days and it can be worn with pretty much any other  item in your closet.


A Striped Shirt

The striped shirt is BIG this year but also a timeless classic. You can style it with everything from a party skirt to your favorite blue jeans.

Striped shirt.png
A Pair of Wide-leg Pants

2015 is definitely the year of evening pants, we are sure of it. These high-waisted pants are flattering on every body shape and add that classy touch to your outfit..


A Camel Coat

Classic camel is the new black. These gorgeous coats continue to be a must-have neutral. They’re definitely an investment worth making and I personally live in mine, love!


A Classic Trench

For the slightly warmer days, let this be the year you finally invest in a trench coat if you haven’t already! Whether you pick a less expensive trench or decide to go all in and splurge on an expensive one, you really can't get more versatile than a cool (burnt orange) trench coat.


A Pair of Moto Boots

Motorcycle boots are definitely another wardrobe staple to invest in for this Fall season. There is nothing more seasonally transitional and diverse than a beautiful pair of black leather moto boots.

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