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You have to follow Hijab Barbie

Posted on 12 March 2016

New York Fashion Week (more like month) is upon us for the fall/winter season, and there’s one article of clothing you might not have expected to hear buzzing. The hijab, AKA headscarf, is getting some creative visibility thanks to a totally gorgeous instagram account @hijarbi.

hijab scarve barbie hijarbi

@Hijarbie is the brainchild of 24-year old Nigerian designer Haneefah Adam. She’s a medical scientist by day, according to her personal Insta account,@muslimahanie. Like DANG, girl. According to, Adam came up with the idea after seeing accounts such as @barbiestyle. She saw Barbie doing contemporary things we love like taking selfies and hanging with Derek Zoolander, so why not make Barbie represent her reality?

hijab scarve barbie hijarbi

It’s incredible that she did — she’s got over 30,000 followers after just two months on Instagram. She makes all Barbie’s clothing herself, and often takes inspiration from popular Muslim fashion bloggers who sport traditional garments too, like our good friend @eslimah.

hijab scarve barbie hijarbi


The modest fashion segment is growing and we are loving it. Creative designers and modest fashion brands like ourselves are paying attention to this part of the world and this woman’s particular needs. For example, there’s Dolce and Gabbana’s hijab line for Muslim women who want to look fabulous but still dress modestly according to their beliefs. H&M has also recently released a line of hijab fashion for this market, proving that even fast fashion retailers are paying attention to a variety of women’s fashion needs.

hijab scarve barbie hijarbi

This new category of “modest fashion” is going to be blowing up in years to come and we are more than excited about it.

(Images via @hijarbie)

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