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What we learned from Salmon

Posted on 13 March 2016

Every year around November a beautiful spectacle is witnessed around Bonne Bay. After several years of wandering around in the huge ocean, salmon return to the same place as where they were born. They face challenging obstacles. They swim against the flow for hundreds of exhausting miles with bears, eagles, and fishermen luring their every move. But all of this doesn’t stop them from reaching their goal. They never give up!

We know salmon of their unique colour and delicious taste during our sushi-dates, but we never really realize they have such strong characteristics. It got us thinking of the way we deal with our own hurdles in life. We all have had moments in which we felt like everything was going wrong. Whether it was an issue related to personal things, family, school or work, it usually dragged on for longer than was  necessary. Here are 5 things we learned about overcoming negative situations and obstacles in life, and we wished someone had told us before.

  1. Be like salmon
    There is over a million fish in the sea, but you’re salmon. Everything pink is fierce.

  2. Swim like Salmon
    Do not swim with the flow. Only dead fish swim the stream. No wave too high for you! Surfboard.
  3. Don’t let other salmon be mean to you
    Especially not the male ones.

  4. Watch out for fishermen
    There will always be people who want to catch you. Duh, you’re salmon. But nothing makes a fish bigger than almost being caught.

  5. And realize that you are delicious
    And healthy too. Realise that people pay 24,99 at SUMO to have you. You’re worth it.

You’re welcome. Mention us (and salmon) in your winner-speech.



Ps. Wear me on days you’re facing challenges like never before, and let’s overcome them one by one.

The Nesci scarf Bonne Bay – salmon


This blog has been written by Maissa, a 20 years old commercial economics student and a committed lover of modest fashion. If she could describe herself in one quote: “Sometimes i pretend to be normal. But it gets boring. So i go back to being me.”


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